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Welcome to howdoyouspell.org!

This site was built to explain you everything in the context of how do you spell words and numbers, hands on!

The idea for this kind of website came to light when we realized that online converters often lack any useful information besides the result.

In contrast, sites such as Wikipedia are usually very abstract, or too long to read, just to name a few reasons why we’re here 🙂

Our traffic stats proof that many people want to know how things are done or calculated in plain terms.

“How do you spell” started in 2015 as a simple website.

Since then it has gradually evolved in scope and been transformed to a responsive design and made installable.

We aim to provide our visitors all they want to know about spelling numbers and words, no matter their age, background, etc.

Our approach is audience first, go beyond, always improving.

Keep learning
Mark & howdoyouspell.org team